Partner Engagement

When a potential partner enters into a dialog regarding evaluating Forward Search or are entering/considering entering into a partnership with us we offer the following services (typical order):

  • General presentation of Forward and Forward Search (onsite or webinar)
  • Technical webinar - introduction to Forward Search - 2 hour session *)
  • Partner presales - configuration/setup recommendations, solution design and pricing quotes for specific cases (easy access to technical and sales personal - phone or e-mail)
  • Access to our Partner Portal (all relevant information and downloads)
  • Access to our Support System where ongoing help and support are available
  • Partner Agreement - partner conduct, discounts etc.
  • Partner will obtain 12 month internal developer license (unlimited features)
  • Onsite Technical training sessions - 2 days with up to 6 developers
  • Potential pre-sales session for potential end customers together with the partner (onsite or webinar)


*) The aim is to help make the basic installation of Forward Search for testing and evaluating in a test environment (30 day trail), together with giving an introduction to how to tag the content, demo the administration client and how to make a simple search/result rendering.