About Forward

Forward Search applied to more than 650 Websites


The company behind Forward Search was founded in 2004 in Denmark, first as an Enterprise Search consultant company and from 2006 as a Software vendor with the aim of providing the flexibility in Search Solutions that customers and developers requested, at an affordable price. This was achieved by the launch of Forward Search.


Over the years another important mission was added, closely linked to the demand for flexibility, and as a result of customer feedback: Ease of use.


Forward Search is now used by more than 150 clients and delivers each day fast, Advanced Search solutions on numerous websites and enterprise document repositories.


Mission statement


Forward Search mission was to create an innovative and cost effective search solution that solves business needs and has achieved this with Forward Search - Website and Enterprise Search platform.


We have achieved this by using already existing search, linguistic and other technologies, together with own visions, in order to be able bring out solutions fast and easy evolving these to meet the ever changing business and market needs.


We have a separate focus on making is easy for customers to deploy and adapt our solutions in order to minimize implementation TCO and maximize customer ROI and overall satisfaction.


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